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Mike Shane




Hello there!  I'm Mike Shane, thanks for visiting my website.  Let me tell you about myself...


I first learned photography skills in my early teens from my father, who was a high school photography teacher, among other things.  I was the yearbook photographer at Sam Barlow High School (class of 1972).  For many years I concentrated on scenic images, especially waterfalls, which required me to carry heavy photo gear along many miles of hiking trails.  I always had a home darkroom for making my own prints and managed to get a few travel articles published.


I made the switch to digital photography around 2002 and suddenly started to enjoy photographing people.  Being able to take an unlimited number of photos allowed me to catch the perfect facial expression.


My photography business has been in existence for only a few years.  My plan was for it to be my retirement business.  When I retired from being an eye doctor in January of 2015, I found plenty of photographic work to keep me busy.  By the way, my friends call me Dr. Mike.


I now use the latest Canon professional photography equipment to create attention grabbing images in several genres of photography.  My home base is in Vancouver, Washington which allows me to cover most of the Portland Metro area.  I have a well equipped portrait studio in my home, but often travel to clients in order to make use of interesting backgrounds at their location.  


To make my wide range of offerings a bit less confusing, I divide my work between MikeShane.Photo and NWMotoPhoto.com.


NW Moto Photo is for my unique vehicular portraits.  Basically, I photograph people with the vehicle they love.


Mike Shane Photo is for my portrait, commercial and stage work.   I do many kinds of portraits, from graduation portraits to corporate and acting headshots.   In case you are wondering, I don't photograph weddings or pets.


Shooting musicians on stage is rather new for me and I'm having a lot of fun with it.  I recently worked at the 2015 Gorge Blues Festival and the Portland Waterfront Blues Festival.


If you have a photo project that you think might benefit from my skills, please drop me a note at: NWMotoPhoto@gmail.com