Mike Shane Photo | NWMOTOPHOTO FAQ




Portraits of You With the Vehicle You Love:  $200


Vehicle portraits are done on location and take about two hours. Images are delivered electronically within 72 hours.


What are NWMotoPhoto vehicle portraits?

Creative portraits of you with the vehicle you love!  Usually, this involves setting up a special photoshoot in a location that will show your vehicle in the best way, while including elements of your lifestyle.  For example, we may drive together to a spot in a nearby National Forest or the Columbia Gorge.  In addition to cars and motorcycles, I would love to photograph you with your boat, airplane, fishing rod, gun or musical instrument.  Please check out these image galleries for some examples of my work.


How do I receive my photos after the shoot and what will it cost to get prints, calendars, coffee mugs, etc...?

After your photoshoot, usually within three days, your images will be uploaded to this website into a private gallery.  You will receive the password to this gallery by email so that only you and those you give the password to will be able to view it.  You can download medium resolution digital files at no additional charge.    If you wish, you will be able to order physical copies of your photos in various forms.  High quality prints, calendars, tiles, mugs, placemats and lots of other options are available.  These are provided by reliable third party vendors and will be sent directly to your home.


Where can we do my photoshoot?

There are many options!

1.  In the city:  We can shoot in downtown Portland for a sophisticated urban look or in a city park or cemetery for a green, outdoor look.  On weekends, certain colleges have attractive grounds that work well for photoshoots.

2.  In your driveway:  If you have an attractive front yard. :)

3.  Out in the hills and forests:  I know some places an hour or two from Portland that are very scenic.  You may have some favorite spots of your own.    You have to consider the time of day, day of the week, the weather and how long a drive it is.  The angle of the light is important. I try to avoid using electronic flash, but I have the gear if we need it.  If the location is more than an hour away, there will be an extra charge for travel.


When can we do my photoshoot?

Almost any time if it isn't raining.  If we are planning to work in a potentially busy location (for example, Crown Point) a weekday is the best time to avoid crowds.  We may also need to take the angle of sunlight (or lack thereof) into account.   I typically need a week's notice to schedule a photoshoot.  I only do one a day, so that I can give you and your vehicle all the attention you deserve.  


If you would like to discuss a photoshoot, please email me at:  NWMotoPhoto@gmail.com